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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for c type hdmi usb
Arrived in 15 days to the UK. When I ordered, I clicked on the picture with the white case. What turned up was a gold one. Looking at the listing, the pictures are the wrong way round - Gold selects white and White selects 'yellow' (I assume that is what their gold listing is). So, annoyed that I got a different colour than I expected, but no point sending all the way back. Will just be more careful next time to read the text as well as look at the pictures. The unit itself is quite good - my son is using it with a Nintendo Switch. The pass-through USB-C socket takes the normal Switch power supply and feeds the Switch no problem. I have tested it on 4K and 720p televisions. The 4k looked a lot better than the 720 but I didn't count the pixels. You must have the power plugged into the adapter for it to function, but that isn't a problem - have just been spoiled by laptop adapters which don't need the power supply. Haven't tried the USB port.