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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for kabel untuk nokia
A quality cable comes with a velcro strap. Can charge more demanding devices than my phone. Since it is selling online the packaging should be designed in more environmentally friendly, cheaper and simple. At least give an option to buy without triple packaging. Encourage buying multiple at once for a friend, relative etc.
The order came quickly and well packed, everything was in place, nothing was dented, nothing was broken. All the goods in order exactly those colors that ordered. Thank you to the seller for the quick answers to all my questions. The cable is very good quality, the length corresponds to the claimed. It supports fast charging, passes the current well.
I've been using wsken mini 2 for about six months, and I'm very happy with the cables so far. One cable fits all devices! Fast charge and long lasting design. I've seen cheaper magnetic cables where the tip that's in your device breaks easily if you drop your phone or whatever, but this is not a problem with these. My kid regularly uses my phone as a hammer, but no problems so far. Well worth the money.