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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for camera for lg v10
Got it real fast in just under 2 weeks, the phone is like new, but got some some screen burn, no biggy, got compensation for it the comunications is great, thank you.
Super phone like new, be careful, onmine, there was a very thin protective plastic film on the lens of the camera, to remove otherwise the ph otos will be horrible. I have a reception problem telephone, I do not open a dispute because the seller told me he will help me ... I hope ...
Excellent product, fits perfectly to my LG G3. It stays very firm and the pressure of the buttons is perfect. Very good quality. The communication with the seller is very good. ... Excelente producto, encaja perfectamente a mi LG G3. Se queda muy firme y la presión de los botones es perfecta. Muy buena calidad. La comunicación con el vendedor es muy buena.