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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for canon 750d usb charger
It does not work 2Amps. The camera shows low battery and Shuts down when photo is clicked. Only works and shows Full Battery only when plugged into the 3Amps wall charger. Reached home in 14 Days.
The product arrived in good order. The description was quite accurate, so I knew what to expect. I tested it for a brief moment and it seems to be working just fine.
Nice charger. Does need some power to charge two batteries though. If you use a standard adapter the screen might flicker. I had a spare one with more capacity and it works like a charm!
its working.. i have two king ma batteries before, i cant charge with original charger.. but now i can charge it with the same brand KING MA, and i can charge 2 batteries in the same time. thanks seller. nice product. i can give you a review of your product if you want and post it on youtube. you can contact me or send me the sample of your product. thanks.
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