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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for car cassette usb
Fast delivery from germany to hungary. The seller is reliable. The product is good, worth the money. But there some little annoying things. Radio app isn't too deliberate: big empty touch surface and small important buttons, hard to change channel. LCD screen is robust, has good quality, but choose the 8 inch instead of 7" if u have space and don't want to see the metal housing behind the screen. Sound qualty is good. The metal box can be quite hot under operation. U will get an installed app called easyconnect, what is similar to android auto and mirrorlink, so u can mirror your amdroid phone. The 1Gbyte memory sometime is not enough, waze can be lagged a bit. But there some tricks to make it littlebit faster. I installed it in a skoda fabia mkI 6y.