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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for car frames with design
Be sure to get the instructions and use those pictures, Do not use the pictures on this store above because they are not completely accurate . 1 of the tiny servos arrived damaged. I had to apply more than normal pressure to the center shaft screw then the back half of the servo broke off because the screw threads were already weakened. It is partially my fault and I accept that. At the arm, I would upgrade the joints at the round section, it is the weakest spot and has slight movement at both ends which is multiplied at the opposite ends making the arm inaccurate and sloppy. It needs double screws at each end going between the tube and U joint. See my attached pictures Note: Only 1 servo moves the arm at the shoulder section laterally, the servo mirrored on the opposite side moves the elbow section. This confused me at first. See 2nd Picture.