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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for logam mobil mainan
The worst seller on Ali Express I ever met! The car model was ordered on March, 28. After 2 weeks found that the parcel was returned to the seller from the airport without any comments and explanations. I asked seller to explain me when I can receive my order - it was on April 15th. Seller promised to check the info and return to me. After more than 3 weeks and approximately my 10 repeated messages to him, he responded. It was on May, 9th. He promised to send the parcel asap, but in reality the parcel was sent on June, 18th only!!!! Finally I got my goods only after 3 months from the ordering date! No excuses or any gifts from supplier as a compensation for so inconvenient order and his "level" of service - nothing!!! I highly do not recommend this seller to anyone. No respect to the customer, no fast response to them, the worst seller he is. If it would be a possibility to give negative quantity of stars at AliExpress - this is the first candidate!