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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for car mount in the trunk
I barely write feedback but for this one I had to say WOW.. I receivd the parcel within 10 days only?! Lol, that was turbo fast shipping ( in my experience ). Very satisfied trade and recommend.
These are hooks. You can use them to hook stuff. In your car. But I also tried them inside the house and they also seem to function there. Amazing. They are made from rubber or otherwise it's some alien material. But I think it's rubber. They look sturdy enough to hang big heavy shopping bags or a small horse. Like, a pony. Really small pony.
With the exception of having to ask multiple times to have the warranty translated, I have no issues with this vendor and would purchase from them again if the need arises. The warranty for this item is 1 yr. They are plastic and seem to work well. I found it best to put a plastic disk on the backside of the trunk liner to give them a bit more strength and stability. I used an old office trash can to cut them from.