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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for case macbook
Very good and classy looking bag. Packaging was perfect and good. The material is ideal for laptops and rain protective. This is a product I will recommend my friends and family and colleagues to buy. Just a good product and quick delivery. Keep up the good work Tony.
Great bag! The bow is supplied seperately, so you can decide whether to add it or not. The bag is made from a fabric like material. A little bit shiny but not too shiny. The inside is made from red material which looks really cool! The bag itself is quite thick, so good protection when traveling. It however doesn’t have much space for other things. A charger and your bag is pretty much full.
Arrived as described and with no issues. This is a very unique case. The keyboard cover and dust plugs are an added bonus. Overall I'm quite happy with my purchase. I'll purchase my family's cases from here as well.
It's perfect case for macbook air. It's fit neatly to macbook air. There's one thing you notice that it's little bit thick and heavy. In my opinion, it's enough to protect your macbook.
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