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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for casque permainan
The headset just arrived. I tested it and its ok. However its going to be little while to I know how accurate it is. And the thing is its not a pink. But color is ok. Thank you.
Let me tell you about my excellent experience with this seller: I had ordered this blue helmet, for my daughter, for whom blue is her favorite color. Unfortunately, this article was no longer available. The seller informed me of this without delay, which is very nice of him. In addition, I had ordered 2 different items, and the fact that one item was not available, this did not compromise the delivery of the other item, available. And this too is very nice. I have already had wait times with other vendors because of this. What's even more interesting is that the seller was quick to propose an alternative. Not only was the alternative a good proposition, but the arrangement on the price was excellent. Therefore, I can only recommend this seller, for his seriousness, availability, flexibility ... in short, a true professional.