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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for cg250 engine
Great cooler for hot south east Asian towns. Big difference in town cruising. Suit all CG, RW engines air cooled made in China or CKD in oversea. Oxidation protection of lid is not good- coat it with wax, and gasket have China shorten size complex, someone spend 0,001 usd in silicone/ piece. Fast shipping. Don't miss cool your engine in hot areas !
Very good. Fits easily. You have to cross over the oil hoses otherwise they are too long. Mounting bolts too long, but that’s no big problem. Before fitting right hand crankcase cover was 65 degrees Celsius. After fitting temperature reduced by 15 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees. Interestingly cylinder head was slightly hotter after fitting oil cooler kit. It went from 112 degrees to 122 degrees. I suspect that all the pipes and radiator are reducing the amount of oil flowing. Not sure though, could just be the way it was ridden on the test. I will report back again once I have done more tests. Silver version does not come with Valve cover painted. I painted myself with high temperature paint.
Really good product only the grit is only 80 and its quite thick for small jobs.Overall for the price given its very good and the tools are very helpfull and usefull too.