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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for charger for phone floveme
fast shipping. quality pleased, the cable is soft in the cover, the backlight on the wire works. packed well, cable and connector in different packages. the connector went to the phone as a native, keeps well, the magnet on the cable is strong, it holds tight. length about one meter. seller recommend
Cable good, light turns on.very nice cable with lights, lead you on the dark night ,can use it home and office .fast charging for my iphone.High Tensile Nylon Braid material is more durable .enjoy comfortable!
Arrived within delivery estimate, and is as pictures depict and as far as testable is as described. Because it has figure 8 style power socket it can accept standard UK 3 pin plug leads just fine. It feels well constructed and its case is sturdy unlikely to fracture in use.
fast delivery. in a simple and Luxury package. The packaging was good and pack the good well, Charges, works the same way with the universal qi receiver-liner. When charging, the LED is on. hold my phone well and strong magnet and so it is multi-fuctional ,good value, I will order again, thanks the seller
with high quality, quite good. with its cope is useful and convenient, cool used for car phone holder and wireless charger, I like the shape and the type . support with use for the emerged feature: the sensor is worth to prevent overheating. and . in a and recommend