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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for cherry mx wired keyboard
Don't know if it's a hardware bug or just the operating system screwing up, but when num lock is active pressing a key will trigger 3 calls (144, key address, 144), and by pressing it repetitively it triggers the effect of the key when num lock is disabled (pressing "1" at a fast pace, 2-4 key presses per second, has a random chance of sending the "end" signal). In rest is a very good keypad, happy with it. Lucky in Linux I can remap the keypad so the bug doesn't happen.
Fast shipping, well packaged. Got these to replace the blank abs keycaps on my das ultimate. nice texture, much nicer than abs as they shine over time. thicker and heftier. even the stabilizer keys are easy to change. not very high quality, but good for the price. color black is very very close to the original das black. very happy with the purchase, recommend if you need blank keys in one color
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