Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for cherry mx kabel keyboard
I received the product well received. When you combined your keycap with my Leopold, it became another keyboard. However, the space bar in the keycap could not be combined with the switch due to the misalignment. This is a really bad part. People who use the same keyboard as me are in a hurry to think that the same problem can cause bad feelings for your product. Anyway, I hope it has always been a developing shop. I wish you a good night.
Keycap hardware's quality are good. Very thick and clear. Super nice. But The Color is not equal their Pictures. much more darker. Creamy color keycaps in Duke RED KIT? They are not Creamy. They are Vintage. Yes You remember that The Seller already said 'Vintage'. not Creamy.
The keycaps were received as expected. The only thing is the blue 6.25u space bar was a bit warped. This made the space bar stick after pressing it. I was able to heat it and bend it back though. Other than that, I am incredibly satisfied. Thanks, Wei!
Product does work as advertised. The case needs adjustment and the stabilizers that shipped with the numpad are god awful. You will need to trim and lubricate the stabilizers if you wish to use them. The plate is very lightweight and easily bendable. Took about 2 weeks longer to get to me than stated. All in all, satisfied with my purchase.
Excellent keycaps for my Cherry MX Brown keyboard. The keys are bright red and work excellent with the see through lighting. Couldn't be happier. Fast delivery, excellent packaging. Will be back for more. Thank you, seller Bluetooth!