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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for child fleece outerwear
Jacket great for spring and rainy days. Took size 4T for 3 yo kid (100 cm). A little bit big but will fit also next season. Good pleasant fabric, bright colors. Shipping 19 days.
Warm and soft material, bright colour and fits for 14 kg and 87 cm kid. Although Im very sad that in sellers picture there are knited collar which is only in picture and is misleading...
Seems to be very warm and quality jacket. Ordered 3T for my 95cm son. Jacket is a bit too big, will wear it on next winter. BUT THE HOOD IS STILL TOO SMALL!!
Looks great! Quality is good. First time I used the zipper the zipper broke, but after that is was okay! I ordered a M for size 120 cm and it fits good!