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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for china baju renang
It is very sexy. I am thinking to get the red one too. Size M fits me. I am 170 cm 61 kg, usually wear size 29 or 30 for pants.
a size smaller than imagined but fits nonetheless and was speedily delivered. I am super satisfied with the customer service. My waist size is a 32 so I should have a large.
fast delivery, the item looks exactly as shown on the webpage. Nice soft fabric (although unlikely to last in chlorinated water of a swimming pool), excellent design/appearance. Dealt with this seller in the past and will continue doing so in the future
Definitely go up a size or two. These are tight and stretchy. If you have a athletic butt or thighs, the material may settle into a triangle-ish shape, like a speedo with a little extra material. A problem inherent to the design is that if these are too tight, they will ride up and be a bit uncomfortable. They won't sit flat like in the pictures when you start moving. You will have to adjust and pull a bit. Other than that, these are great when you get the sizing right. I bought the medium and large. The large is definitely way more comfortable. I'm 165cm, 62kg, widest part of the butt 92cm and 56cm upper thighs)