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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for chokers of wood
Excellent! Very pretty & cute necklace! Great value & quality! I'm buying from this Seller again! The delivery was fast! I'm very happy with my order. I'll continue buying in this Shop because I'm very satisfied. The necklace is beautiful and I can combine it with different earrings! Thank you very much and I'll look at your Shop to place a new order again!
I won this money bag pendant in the penny games, and it is beautiful ❣ I have already had a person in the local WALMART STORE try to talk me out of it.❣ It definitely catches the eye!. Bigger than it looks, it has a cute lock on it's side, that opens up the pendant, so you can add items inside it. You can put a coin or two in it, to "draw money to you", as a charm, or insert a few "scent beads" to add fragrance around you wherever you go. It is truly a lovely pendant ❣ Shipping was incredibly fast ❣❣ I ordered it on the 14th of April and got it on the 23rd of April, AMAZING ❣❣❣ It came extremely well packaged, in multiple layers of protection, completely safe for it's journey to the USA. I am happy to give the seller, and the product, a big 5+☆☆☆☆☆'s and a 100% satisfaction rating guaranteed Buy from this seller with 100% confidence and trust ❣