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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for chrome steel bike
The bicycle is exactly as described (in my case, I received the one depicted on the pictures). It was shipped quickly and arrived without a hitch. At first I had the wrong tracking number, but the seller was quick to reply and correct the number. Good communication! The little hook that attaches the front wheel to the back frame when folded had been compressed a bit during transport, but this was easy to get sorted while getting brakes, gears etc. checked and adjusted prior to riding. Otherwise it was well packaged with protective material in the places that could have been rubbing against each other. The bike is a joy to ride on, and fully living up to my expectations! It is generally well built, and most fittings appear to be of good quality. In the future I might consider swapping the tyres for higher pressure ones as are used on similar models of bikes now. It's fairly light, folds up quickly, and is easy to move around when folded.