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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for clip diaper
As described. Seller sent me more than I ordered. Works well, but it's a little stiff and hard to stretch. Maybe it will get a bit more stretchy with use. I used to use the original Boingo but the teeth on the claw part are shallow and break easily, and it is hard to stretch them without pricking your fingers on the teeth because there's nowhere to grasp. But these ones that I ordered from AliExpress seem to have longer teeth and they are easier to grasp. Hopefully they will last a long time. I like these diaper fasteners much more than the Snappi. The Snappi left marks on my baby's hips, broke quickly, and I find them harder to fasten than the Boingo. I have been cloth diapering using prefolds for over 2 years and these Boingo-like fasteners are my most preferred way to secure a prefold diaper