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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for mantel polar wanita
nice size for me (M size in black) I'm 174cm for 68kg. Material is nice and soft, no problems on my jacket, zipper sound not bad but... maybe light... we will see after some months of using. pretty good for the price, come in one week to France.
The product came as described. However, the shipping just took forever. I ordered my cosplay on March 8th and received it on April 18th. I understand that it can take a while for things to travel and such, but this was a long wait in my opinion. In addition, once I ordered this back in March, I included a note asking if I would receive it before May 5th. My question wasn't acknowledged at all. In addition, the tracking information was never updated. Eventually in April, I finally messaged the seller about the tracking information, which they provided somewhat. However, they still didn't answer my question about May 5th. In conclusion to make this short, the cosplay itself was perfect. However, the communication and shipping was unsatisfactory.
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