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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for comics pro superheroes
I’m very satisfied with my order. The phone case is good quality and all the details are well made. It has buttons on the sides for volume and power button and they click very well. It does glow in the dark, but it’s difficult to show that on camera. The design on the back is very nice, the colours are bright and everything is clear. The backside is highly reflective and looks like actual glass, which makes it look cool, but because of that it’s slippery (though I didn’t drop it yet). The phone case itself is sturdy and doesn’t bend (so I don’t think it would break), but it’s easy to take you phone out and put it back in (but not so easy that it would fall out). It’s better than described and I would 100% recommend buying it. Ordered 17.06.18, received 14.07.18
Woooooww!! Delivery time is very super fast. (8 days!!) PERFECT!!!! I love it very very. This is product really excellent!!! Quality: 10/10 Shipping time: 10/10 Design: 10/10 Satisfaction : 10/10 I recommend highly for everybody.Thanks you!! Have a nice day for all : Gyula