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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for consol game
Received the game in Australia very quickly. The cartridge and label quality is good. This is an amazing collection of games. All the ones I've tried so far work perfectly. Each game has a small picture associated with it. The menu scrolling up and across the pages is quick. Currently, you can search Google for 138 in 1 Megadrive to see the contents. Better than my 112 in 1 cart that I only just got.
Very nice handheld Famicom clone. Worked with almost every cartridge I tried, including old and new multicarts and Japanese originals, even NES games with an adapter. The only exception I found was Super Game's Lion King, unfortunately some of the newer chipsets seem to have trouble with it. But still a very good compatibility rate for a clone like this. The screen is very good and sharp, and it has a decent selection of built-in games. It also arrived quickly, well packaged, in a nice box with charger and TV out cable.