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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for convay
The product description was accurate although the seller suffers from the same drawback other Aliexpress sellers suffer from: a bunch of redundant words barely related to the actual product in the title. And AFAIK the seller was a bit slow getting the item shipped from China. And the item spent too much time in customs in Belarus. Nearly a month. Not the seller's fault of course. This is my second flashlight from this seller and both work fine. Have a good day!
I use filter with 24mm diameter 18650 powered UV flashlight. Glass diameter is 20.5mm. Very good fitted. ZWB2 is blocking visible region of light on flashlight. it s little expensive. Can be cheaper. But i'm satisfied. Thanks.
Puikus žibintuvėlis, puikus pardavėjas! Pardavėjas yra komunikabilus, laikosi duoto žodžio. Paprašiau nuolaidos- gavau. Paprašiau dovanėlės- gavau. Ir prekę ir pardavėją rekomenduoju! (Nuo užsakymo iki prekės gavimo trys savaites) Great flashlight, great seller! The seller is communicative, comply with the given word. Asked for a discount-I got. Asked for gifts-I got. The seller and the item and recommend!