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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for pendingin untuk laptop
I had asked the vendor if an other colour was available as I preferred blue to red as offered but never got any answer. I received the one in red. It is however acceptable.
The box was damaged, but the inside was fine. Delivery was very fast (7 days), ~5 days earlier than expected. Everything works and it's very quiet. Only drawback is it doesn't ventilate as hard as I thought it would do. 1400 RPM is not enough for me, but that is My mistake. I'm very happy with my first ever AliExpress order!
The product is fully consistent with the description and I am very pleased with the purchase. Love it, very high quality made, for this price it is a very good product when I bought the goods cost $8.92 , with shipping amounted to $11.33. Delivery in just 17 days, it's very cool! Previously, my laptop from Samsung, without the load heated to about 58 degrees Celsius,and during the games heated up to 100 degrees... (Thermal paste is new) Already the 2nd day works and I will tell you that I am more than happy! With this miracle product, during the games, the laptop is heated to a maximum of 70 degrees. And this despite the fact that I do not have to twist the regulator to the maximum. I put the controller on a minimum or an average speed. It was packed very well, protected from the inside by a double bubble layer. No defects or flaws, the box is a little dented, but the product itself is in perfect condition. Thank you very much seller! Definitely 5 stars!