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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for cosmetic makeup full set
Ordered on 03/30 and arrived to Canada on 05/09. Love this brow make up!!!! Consitency is smooth. Lasting power is absolutely amazing. Definitely smudge proof!!! Matches the description well. THE APPLICATOR however was not my favourite thing. I thought the design of it was interesting but it was not functional for my needs. I have thin and sparse eyebrows, and I was having trouble laying down the product. It was impossible to get clean lines or not smudge excess product that built up below the brush head onto my face. But I can easily use my own brush so it's no big deal. Seller is quick to resolve any quality issues I've had with my order in a timely matter. Very happy and appreciative of this. The other items from my purchase I am quite pleased with. Would definitely recommend purchasing from them.