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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for cosplay nero fate
ordered on March 30th 2018 and it arrived on April 8th 2018!! Insanely fast shipping!!! will definitely order more!!! love this store completely!!!!! Very beautiful quality wig! will post photos sooon!
The costume is beautiful and it shipped really fast! However, there are sewing flaws with it. Needed to redo pieces that were not sewn correctly, but other wise, it fits great!
Bangs are long so of course you'll need to style it. Overall, the wig is made very well and packaged nicely. Very great customer service and the wig is comfortable. The bun is attached to the wig and the wig is quite soft. IG: @PhaSaku
I'm always a bit nervous about commissioning shoes, but when receiving and trying on these boots, they were a perfect fit and were perfect for the Nero Claudius cosplay I am currently sewing. Would definitely buy from again!