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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for cover laptop
Product arrived and was exactly as described! I’m very happy with it! The seller wrote to confirm that I got it and to check if I had any problems. Which I did as the keyboard doesn’t fit, but it’s being resolved now.
Certainly above my expectations! It's exactly like the one that came from the factory. Well packed and quick delivery. I do recommend to reinforce the screw holes with some epoxy mixture since the break of this part is a recurring problem with this laptop model and there is plenty of space left around the screw nuts. I hope it lasts a while this time
Very identical to the original, the only problem is the rubber bump stop under. it easily break. I replaced it with the old one from original. And one more thing, the seller gave me an incorrect tracking number. The tracking number should start with letter "RF*****", but they gave me tracking starts with L**********. But overall it very good.
Simply super. Everything went perfectly. There is no smell of plastic. The thickness of the plastic is the same as on the original. Fast delivery. Track completely tracked. No damage. Packaged perfectly. Would put 10 stars, if only possible. Buy from this seller, I recommend. Thank you very much for the promptness and excellent packaging.