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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for suit
I had to rip some seams apart to fit my arms in it and it would fit much better if I had a full mastectomy and missed a few vertebrae, but otherwise it's a great, high quality product. The boob pads in size 2XL are the size of a taco, it made my day much funnier :) order ~2 sizes larger than usual. Zipping it up when you're alone requires some contortion skills as the material is very elastic and attaching a string to the zipper doesn't help much.
very nice suit, the quality is quite good. the breast pads are quite funky and not very useful as they don't serve any purpose nor to the support anything but the overall costume is nice.
i ordered this custom size and it fits me perfectly! it’s very flattering and looks very detailed and the shading is amazing!!! very accurate to what dvas suit actually looks like the closest one I’ve seen and the armor looks almost 3D on the suit. I’m very pleased ordered the fastest shipping and it came in a week. sooook worth the price considering it’s cheaper then most suits! i recommend highly!
Bought this as a replacement to an earlier version i had, that was wearing out from use. Very Impressed with the detail level increase from the old one, images on the old suit are a bit more blurry and the new suit has extra details in some places too. Shape wise the new suit fits very well. Only downside I can think of is that this new suit seems a bit more of a purple for the main color than the light blue of the old suit. Other customer's images seem to also show a lighter blue shade then mine, but this could just be lighting. Still, apart from that, really impressed with the suit and would defiantly recommend to anyone interested.
I had purchased this before and it was a bit tight. I also gained weight and ended up selling it to someone else and repurchasing it again. The fit is now ten times better and I feel extremely sexy in it!