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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for dek gunung faucet
Hi! This is really good product, and it works great. The only minor downside, it's a little bit loud compare my previous tap. But in general - it worths the price!
Even though I didn’t receive my order but the Frap were very efficient the communication was flow they stand on there point and say what they meant I will recommend this company to anyone who wants to buy such as plumbing accessories ones again thank you I will still buy in future
The parcel has been delivered finally by a delivery guy today. Thank you. Seller for my faucet. Everything packed very well and nothing was broken. Very good carton box! The faucet look like on the photo provided. Shiny and comfortable to move. I have not installed yet, but I am sure, everything is OK;it is look solid and without any visible faults. If the thing from Russia, then it will be definitely OK. As in the past I used faucets from them and no regrets. One more time, thank you Seller!
This is a top quality product. I am so please with our new tap it is not only beautiful but works perfectly. I was surprised at how fast it arrived. We have saved a lot of money and travelling by buying from this seller. Highly recommend. Thank you.