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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for disguise halloween
Good quality and great fit! I wasn't sure if it would fit me considering that I have a small frame but big breasts, but the size chart was accurate. The pin is very cute and not plastic, so that's definitely fun! I really recommend this product
Very satisfied it came early!!!! Hair very soft. Have to get it taken in because it was for a 4 year old . I actually was able to fit it im in a women's 5 in us. Also had to trim the hair because it over took him but it didnt take away from the quality. Highly recommended. Now my 8 year old wants one, im sure it'll fit a 8 year old perfectly. The fish hook he fell inlove with but it only sings a moana song which i thought was pointless but whatever he loves it !!!!! Thank u thank u thank u for making my son's 4th bday a blast!!!
Perfectly sized to me! You can rarely find a seller who will do a customisation free and this seller did. I had to do an exchange as I ordered a wrong size, but she did so happily :) AMAZING AND SATISFIED.
Very good quality item. The sizes were all correct except for the leg holster belts which were slightly too big (But are easily fixed). It is very comfortable to wear and I'm am very satisfied with this. The seller had good communication and the shipping was very fast.
The suit looks fantastic. Seems really good quality too. Looks just like the picture. The only problem is that the pockets on the belt are sewn on upside down. Not a big issue.
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