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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for domo kun
The item is great, I am satisfied with this toy. However I am super disappointed with the delivery. I ordered the item on 7.02, seller had two days before Chinese holidays and could easily send it, but he didn't. When I found it out, I wanted to cancel my order, but seller declined it. Seller sent only on 27.02, although by the tracking number it says the carrier picked it up only 02.03!! The delivery was paid, so I thought the item will arrive fast.. The item arrived to Czech Republic only on 14.04!!! This is outrageous!! If I haven't have experience with other sellers, I might think that this okay, but this is not! I order a lot of stuff, and I know the average delivery time to my country, it has never been so long, especially with paid delivery. Very disappointed!
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