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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for dress long 2018 wool
The fabric is thin but it suits well, it looks good, it feels good. It seems to be too large and looks like a pretty short dress that I will wear with leggings or skinny jeans. It looks good. Thank you!
I heard a lot about Artka, so maybe I expected too much from this dress. First of all, I recieved a black item instead of a purple one that I needed. Also I've been wearing this dress only for a few days, but I can already notice some small pellets forming on it. The material is medium warm, it's only 20% wool, but my sensitive skin, especially on forearms, itches a tiny bit in this dress. Well, that's all cons. Speaking about pros/pluses, I can say that the design is still nice as on pictures and the dress fits good - I would recommend size L for RU44 (I guess it's 38EU). The sleeves are long enough for me, that's really an advantage, too. In total, the dress is rather nice, but overpriced in my opinion.