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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for dress sailor suit
This School uniform is so cute i love this because of Card captor sakura !!!! very nice made and the hat is super cute thank you thank you <3 Fast shipping and great seller !!!!
The costume is exactly like the photo! There was a problem with the tracking but the seller was really kind and fast to fix it, arrived in only 7 days. I'm very pleased with the quality for such cheap price. ❤
It’s adorable! The little bunny ears on the sailor collar are just as described. Lovely pink colour. The bow scarf is a clip-on. Very durable material. I can’t wait to wear it! >u<
Very smooth material. Durable embroidery. Comes with a neatness stitch at the hem to remove, which was time consuming. The bunny tail is so cute!! Lovely colour. Overall, really happy with it! :)