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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for eafengrow
Fotos are exact description of the item. You get what you see here. The box is neutral and there is no logos in the knive. That is good, otherwise you only get more trouble in the Customs. Giving 4 stars because: -the opening lever its quite small , its not as easy to open as other flip-models, but this is not fault of the seller, you can see it in the Foto. - I doubt a lot that the blade has anythin but paint, not Titanium cover, like in description. - It is quite heavy, almost 190 gr, not 170 als stated. - Communication whit the seller was not easy.
Really nice knife with all the correct markings and logo. It feels solid and well made, good quality. Flipper works well. Lock bar is good. Blade is sharp. 2 weeks to UK. Good knife. Good seller.