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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for earing of pearl
Beautiful earrings. Good craftsmanship and materials. Look big and bold. Pearls look a bit too perfect. I wish, they had a bit discoloration or texture to appear more like real pearls. ATTENTION: if your lobes are bigger than average, these might be too small for you.
Nice earrings .. I tested them with a magnet and they did not react or stick to it which means that its real 925 pure silver, it has a hallmark on both pieces of earrings .. I also tested the pearl by scratching it with my teeth to check if its real or manmade and it did not scratch which means its real, but one earring arrived missing one stone .. I will ask for a refund for it or either I will dispute .. However I will consult a Jeweller for more confirmation about the real silver and pearls .. I will leave an additional feedback after that