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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for earrings womens daisy 925 sterling
Very beautiful stud earrings! they are just like the ones in the picture, I'm happy with my purchase! I'm very sensitive to metals so i'll keep to update if I experience any allergy!
PERFECT!! I LOVE IT. The quality is amazing. The ring and all of the charms except the last two on the right is from Pandora. They all have the same quality it's amazing! I'm going to buy a lot more from this store. JUST PERFECT!!!!
This set came today and they are lovely! The necklace and bracelet are very delicate and the daisy is the same size on all pieces have worn the earings and ring today and had compliments. I really love the detail and look of these pieces and would definitely recommend not sure how long they will last, time will tell but for price I think they are worth it for sure!
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