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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for embroidery swimsuit
Really love the product! The fabric is soft. I don't have any problems wth the stitching or that it is too tight. I bought a S and I am normally always a 34/36. I was scared I would not be able to get it over my hips but the material is stretch so it fit perfectly. I am really happy with it. I would recommend it!
BEAUTIFUL! I love this romper so much! It is easy to slip on and off. The fit is absolutely perfect. There was a little snag in the stitching around the waist but it was nothing that ruined the romper and was easily cut off. I absolutely love this product and highly recommend. I usually wear a USA MEDIUM. if I could give 10 stars I would
beautiful product but not very strong. i will not wear it as a bathing suit but i will wear it as a bodysuit with jeans..size S was good on me..I'm 165cm and 62kg
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