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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for enjoydeal led
A great flashlight for your money! The seller is good and honest. I order him a second time. The second flashlight came with no working, the seller sent another one for free !! I'm satisfied ..... the service at the highest level
I was a bit wary about ordering this as it is not direct from the fridge's manufacturer, but it works perfectly fine and should last longer that the incandescent bulb I was using previously.
Good although one lens of a lamp is not fixed. Nothing a little super glue can't fix. The wattage is exactly 5 as described and with / without lens gives the option of focused or dispursed UV. Appears to illuminate more than 25w mercury vapour UV blacklight
At first, this light didn't want to work. It would flicker if you shook it. I then stretched the spring and it started working better. I previously bought 2 of these same lights. They are great little flashlights...Super bright for the size and lightweight! Great light pattern with no shadows.
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