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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for eyung silicon
I am a Caucasian male, so this mask is a bit small for my head, when you put on the mask the head looks huge, but you can hide it with a wig, the space between the nose and lips is too small, so it looks like you are always showing teeth. The face is nicely done, just like in the photos, realistic eyebrows, you can apply your own makeup. Feels very good on the face, fast shipping, good quality. Really this is the best mask with quality/money ratio on the market. If EYUNG starts making other ethnicity race masks I will buy more from them, very satisfied with the product, awesome mask!
It’s a very good item for the price. I paid more than this previously for something which had no stretch at all so was almost impossible to get in and out of. This is necessarily quite tight but has enough give to be usable. The quality of finish is at least as good as the earlier option. A good buy.
I am very happy EYUNG decided to include a B cup to their new range of liquid silicone breastforms, size isn't everything, bigger breastforms can be a struggle with tighter fitting clothes, so it's great to add these modist pair of boobies to my collection, the liquid silicone filling gives them a very realistic look and feel, thank you Kevin for keeping me informed about the tracking.
I had to pay quite a lot for custom charges, even if the seller offered to send as 'toy' :-( The product itself is good. I ordered the this 70C for going out, because my own breasts are relatively small. With a little practice it's relativelty easy to put these on. They look realistic, only the nipples stand out a little too wide in my oppinion. I fixed this by wearing a padded bra.