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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for rambut palsu
arrived within 10days.. quality of hair is super awesome, smooth silky shiny and tangle free... just loved it.. good volume.. zero hair shedding.. but its more like dark brown and not natural black.. its just 22 inches and not 24 inches..still long enough.. but still recommended.. product is worth.. must buy thank you for gift SHANGKE. will add more pictures once i use it..
Love my item~ I wanted to cut my real bangs but I wasn’t sure how I would look, so I bought this! It’s hard to find your colour so I suggest you read some reviews and refer back to the photos of the fringes. The seller answered within 1-2 days — I asked them to extend my purchase protection which they did. Took 3.5 months to come but I mean its aliexpress what do you expect. Happy with my purchase and item!