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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for film
I love this shop♡ I think it's the third or fourth time I order the films for my camera and they arrived super fast as always, well packed and perfectly safe I'll order again soon, definitely recommended!
Fortunately films arrived in undamaged package. the normal ones didnt have an outer box just as other customers described but I dont mind as ling as they work fine. Excited to try the colourful ones. thanks.:)
I ordered the sheets with 2 cameras. they came with design background sheets as a gift. super fast delivery of all products and I also received a zoom lens as a gift. I would highly recommend that you select this supplier.
The seller has forgot 2 sheets but he resend it to me very quickly. Thanks / le vendeur a oublier 2 parquets de films pour les photos mais ils me les a envoyer dans la foulée. Bon travail