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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for flash drive guitar
Good product Woork it I have 7.48Go on 8Go request i'm very satified of quality of this price of low budget I very impresed by a quick delivery! less than 3 weeks for France!! Thank very mutch USB Flash Driver Maker!
Mine is pink. It's so beautiful. I used to buy authentic swarovski 8gb usb at 100 US and this 10 US usb at 32gb looks as beautiful as the brand name. So happy.
Thank you for the goods delivered. Ordered 15.6.2018. Inbox 6.7.2018. Writing movie files 11-14 Mb / s. (on W 8.1). Good result for usb 2.0. I'll still test the goods. So far, I'm OK. I recommend the seller and the usb key.