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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for for cherry mx
Good quality keyboard. The only thing is that it's a bit high, so I had to order a keyboard wrist rest additionally which is not a huge problem for me personally. Overall it feels really premium.
Definitely worth the money, the keyboard is excellent, the lightning software is great as well. I recommend the keyboard to anyone interested in mechanical keyboards. The seller is communicative and helpful, couldn't be more happy. I hope he sells many more keyboards of this quality!
The product is really good and well built, got some minor issues with the software. I had to pay 28 euros of vat! Anyway it arrived in my country in 8 days and arrived to my house in 27 days.
It just worked as I expected, but its packaging needs to be improved. The parcel box was dented severely, and there was no shock absorbing things like bubble cushioning material inside the box. I had to spend some time to restore the bent pins on switches before I use it.
Ordered Jun. 23 2018. Received Jul 04 2018 in Germany with standard ali express shipping. The order was reasonably well packaged, included one extra switch and a plastic key cap puller. Would gladly order again.