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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for untuk faucet nozzle
Hi, just installed, good product, recommend. here's my list i suggest to other buyers to consider when ordering. - shipping, DHL express was my forwarder, in hungary they one of the most expensive handling customs, their fee was 15%+ (only admin and processing fee) in my case, you may want to deal with seller for other shipping method for less cost at delivery. Other hand DHL made a super fast, flawless delivery, 3 days only including customs administration. - height, pay attention, manual suggest tap height from floor around 100cm... in case of bathtub, you may have top head too low since your tap fitted lower to the tub. - i had problems to install with provided inlet filter-seal O rings, not sure they're soft plastic or hard rubber...anyhow i had to buy rubber ones to fit properly - you switch between the hand set and tub outlet with rotating the outlet, i like it