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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for full hd led tv
We took our time researching mid-level projectors and, for the price, this is a great choice. Doesn't spin its wheels looking for the input source, it goes right to it when everything is plugged in correctly. Brightness is what you'd expect for the money. Perfect for a no frills movie night outside. Having a nice, flat, white screen to go with it really makes the difference. Even has a little speaker for audio, although we hook up our Block Rocker for ultimate sound. (needs a y audio cable to do this). For the price this is a great product!
Today, 18/04/2018, I received the order of the Projector Exvelsan BL-59. The order arrived in perfect conditions and was very quick to arrive (5 days) !!!!! The Projector is exactly like the pictures and the same as advertised by the seller. The projector came very well packaged and arrived in perfect conditions! The Exvelsan Projector has an excellent quality, beautiful and has a fantastic image and sound! The Exvelsan BL-59 Projector comes with power cord, sound cables, lens cleaning cloth, remote control, height adjustment screw, 2 fuses and instructions book. The seller was always available to answer all my questions and help me in my doubts. I am very pleased and recommend buying the Exvelsan BL-59 Projector from this seller! 5 stars! Honest seller and with very good material and with a lot of quality! I'll be doing business with the Exvelsan store again! Thank you my friends! It's all perfect!
very highly recommended seller, there was a problem with the built-in speaker of the projector I told him and immediately I answered possible configurations that were wrong and finally it seems that it is broken and offered a partial refund that seemed reasonable, very good communication, the order I made a Monday, the shipment was made on a Thursday morning and the following Friday morning it arrived at my house so it was fast and the product for the price has an incredible image quality, I have it 4 meters from the wall and It looks spectacular HD quality seems real and the android system is very good since you do not have to go plugging peripherals because you download the necessary app to read your USB storage, the speakers connect them by bluetooth and work great and the internet by wifi, the light output is not if it is really 3500 LM. but it is very bright, it is not necessary to be completely dark, very satisfied with the purchase
I want to say thank you, the product came intact intact, and most importantly arrived before the estimated time :) Upload a picture of the product I can not already installed :)