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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for g502
Product is exactly the same as the original one, took plenty of time to replace the shell as I hadn't done it before. My g502 proteus spectrum now looks like a new mouse. Make sure to purchase a pack of new pads as you are going to damage the current ones in order to unscrew the mouse.
It is as described, not as smooth as the original but after a few days of use it becomes just as smooth as the originals. It went thru heavy use in the past few weeks and is just as it was new. Over all a perfect replacement for the old ones. However the seller did not respond to my questions after my purchase.
I installed it into my mouse, and it works perfectly. But since the package was transparent tape over transparent bubble wrap, it was really hard to open without damaging the product. Instead, you should wrap the product in bubble wrap, then paper, THEN tape. Or at least use colored tape.