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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for gauge knit needle
The item was excellent just as shown in the picture. Good quality and delivery was quick. I’d definitely recommend this product to others who are looking for a reasonably priced crochet set. Very happy !
My friend loved it. I love it too. I got one for myself and one for her as a birthday gift. She wants to learn to crochet, and I've been recruited as teacher.. haha. So, I thought a great birthday gift would be a hook set. She has problems gripping with her hands, so the silicone handles on the standard hooks are awesome.. It's not usual for grips being on steel thread hooks, and that's OK, there are handles that can be purchased for steel thread hooks. It came with a few knitting items, that most likely won't be used, as they're not really standard to crochet, but all in all, a nice little kit for a beginner, but also suitable for a seasoned crocheter, they make nice travel hooks if you don't want to risk losing your favorite set. :)