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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for gel keras kuku
The shipping was good, it only took 13 days from purchase to recieve. The product is very nice & easy to work with and cures rather quickly which is a big plus. I will defiantly be purchasing this again (in different colors) in the future. Very happy with my experience.
LOVE this stuff! The pink is very, very sheer and light. I really hope they start making this polygel in more colors! I'd love a Good cover pink! The clear is not crystal clear, it's more of a frosted clear. I took pictures of it before and after topcoat, and I used a clear tip to test it so you can see what I mean. All the colors cured with no problems using my LED lamp, and I didn't even test it with my best lamp! I used my cheap lamp just to see how well it cures, and it worked great! The white is very opaque so I thought that it might take longer to cure, but it didn't. This is now the ONLY polygel I'll be purchasing, the quality is fantastic and the price is very reasonable. New customer for life!