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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for kaca printer
Both glass plates are the exact dimensions of my Ender 2, so that's nice. The edges and corners are all rounded off. I haven't tried it yet but it looks very promising. Also 5 stars for the packaging. I'm pretty sure nothing can destroy it during transportation, because there's so much protection.
The size is in fact 169 x169 mm, a bit larger than the promised 165 x 165 mm. So it's sticks out of the edges of my Ender-2 bed. The low price eases the pain a little. The packing is so good, it could probably survive a plane crash.
the package arrived in Ukraine in 3 weeks. The glass was packed very well.the size approached perfectly for my micromake d1. I've already printed on it by pla & petg - good adgesion to surface without any aditional options & heated bed temperature 60 degrees