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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for goojodoq pencil
I got it within 8 days here in NZ. Which is the fastest order I've received ever from Ali Express. Great product too. Can't find anything similar in any stores here...
I just loxve this case for my new iPad 10.5 I love the color but more importantly it has a holder for my Apple Pencil. I also like how the cover wraps around the back forming a triangle that locks in place magnetically so you have a very handy stand. You can also turn the pad around so the triangle is at the top so the tablet is almost laying down, this comes in handy if you're typing while the tablets on your lap or even a table top. The cover shuts the iPad off which is a great feature.
Arrived in NZ within 3 weeks and well packaged. Constructed of a thick semi-rigid silicon. Nice firm feel in hand. Not too floppy or sticky like some silicon. Raised edge above screen by 1 or 2 mm, probably gives good screen protection in a drop. However this edge intrudes about a mm or two on the screen real estate making full size edge to edge screen protectors difficult to fit. Holds Apple Pencil tight. Cutout slots behind pencil to aid in pencil removal. Extra cavities near Pencil that just fits charge adaptor.
I'm very pleased with the product. It was easy to put my Ipad pro into the case. The colour's nice - Gold-ish pink. Apple pencil fits perfectly into the sloths too. The front cover can turn into tri-stand perfectly stable. Front cover performs the 'auto wake/ sleep' too. I was expected it to arrive at the end of this (July) month, but it came earlier than that. Excellent product!
High quality case. Unlike other thin back cover case, This case back cover is thick and hold the iPad very tight. It's not easy if you try to remove the case. Pen storage is very convenient too. Front cover with magnet work great.